The Airport

The third busiest airport by total passenger traffic in the UK behind Heathrow & Gatwick, with aircraft landing or taking off every 3-4 minutes. As an average in 2011 this was 434 movements a day or 158,025 per year

The Passengers

In 2011 18,806,098 passengers landed or flew from the airport which works out as an average of 361,655 per week or 51,665 passengers per day. Taking into account that not all passengers will see your message. If we worked on only 25% of the passengers seeing it, that is still 4,701,524 passengers per year consuming your message for a minimum of at least 10 seconds.

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Locations at 4 UK airports

We currently have locations at 4 of the UK's busiest airports which includes Londons three main airports and Manchester.  With further site proposed in Birmingham, Luton and London City airports.

Prime Position

The locations are on the aircrafts direct flight path into or out of the airport. All locations are less than two miles from the Airport & have been passed by aviation control

High visability

Potentially 65,900,000 passengers per year land or fly from Heathrow airport which works out at around 1,263,836 per week or 180,548 passengers per day.

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